Sinners and Saints

My prayer at this moment: Search me Oh Lord, make me what you will. Renew my spirit, my soul, and make me aware of what you would like to do through me.

This morning I attended a service and the pastor spoke about the names God calls us. He taught with a LOT of scripture references, and while sometimes that can make for a jumbled mess of confusion, I thought this time it was nice because he was just using the different affirmations that Christ has for us and his followers from scripture. The repetition in the Word here is one of those things that not many a follower can take out of context. God “names us” time and time again. For instance, we are loved, we are his family, his children, his lights in the darkness, his witness. One thing that particularly grabbed me was when he talked about Jesus referring to his followers as a temple. A dwelling place for his glory and SATURATION in him. A few years ago I got a tattoo on my back that means temple, literal translation dwelling place, in ancient Greek. I got it because I wanted a tattoo. Yes, I thought the meaning was beautiful and artsy in a spiritual sense, but I don’t know if I actual believed it. Lately I have wanted to. I haven’t wanted to just live my life day in and day out but rather be saturated in Him so that I can give him glory and show his light in darkness.

I will never be perfect, nor am I defeated by that. Because who He created me to be was not a broken, lying, hurting, angry sinner. But rather a healed, truthful, compassionate, kind soul. A saint. Someone made right with God existing to be all those things that He says I am. It’s hard to believe, but I am spending time in faith and conversation, both with God and with others, to move in that direction.

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