Merry Christmas

Meditation. Reflection. Moments of Silence. These seem to me be growingly absent from the celebration of Christmas every year. It’s hard for me to stop and focus on the season of Advent and what the coming of Christ really means and how it should be celebrated when I’m living in a constant whirl of consumer chaos. And honestly, sometimes, trying to keep my imprint to a minimum is a challenge. I feel sorry for the frazzled employees, chewed out by customers, for the shoppers who feel they have to fulfill every item on that wishlist and that without it Christmas won’t be complete. And most of all, I feel sorry that some really don’t feel the meaning of the season, anywhere in their lives- relationships, workplace, or even spiritual dwelling places. So, I guess what I’m saying is, that not only do I need to slow down and give time to truly celebrate Advent- “son of God, love’s pure light,” I need to make sure that wherever I go and whatever I am doing people get that sense of joy from me. Not the joy that comes from a new video game or that knock-off designer sweater, but the joy of knowing that a Savior arrived- the most perfect gift in the world arrived so that I could be perfectly loved, forgiven, and invited into an unconditional love relationship with Him.

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