There’s only so much I can take…so I have to give it away.

Here is my plea to God:

Please help me to give up my dissatisfaction with the things around me that I cannot control, that I cannot make any better by trying, that I cannot even touch with my own two hands.

Relinquish all this fear and sorrow to you and help me to delight in the blessings that you have given me and to rely solely on you whenever I want to throw pity on myself.

Help me to love others completely and share your love whenever and wherever it is needed.

Thank you for loving me and for being there for me in my lowest times. I hope to never repeat them, but to always remember your hand guiding me out and making a way for me when I saw none. I sometimes forget. Yet I am who I am today because you saw me out of complete darkness and restored a piece of me that I thought may never be restored.

I am a mother, wife, child of God, and the best at these things is all I hope to be, hopefully living and breathing all these things out of the latter.

In your name Jesus, Amen.

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