Expressing your views isn’t wrong. Believing in something with all your heart isn’t wrong. Giving someone an ear to hear them isn’t wrong. Listening while putting yourself in their shoes isn’t wrong.

Could we all do this? Is it even possible? The divisions in our church, in our politics, in our daily lives have become so that- divisive- that cheap comments, demeaning accusations and sick jokes seem to be the norm. How is it that we can so freely put down others and their beliefs? It is one thing to stand for what you stand for and let it be known. Quite another when you use that as a stepping stone to bash, commit slander, cast judgment and generalize entire groups of people.

As Christ followers, are even half of our fights following Christ? Would he bash? Commit slander? Cast judgment? Generalize? I would like to say no.

When did we get so negative….in the name of Jesus?

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